coun|ter|point1 «KOWN tuhr POYNT», noun, verb.
1. a melody added to another as an accompaniment.
2. the art of adding melodies to a given melody according to fixed rules.
3. the style of musical composition resulting from the way in which more or less individual melodies are combined according to fixed rules.
4. = polyphony. (Cf.polyphony)
5. a style of literary or dramatic composition which uses a number of themes running counter to one another, usually at different levels and from shifting points of view.
6. Figurative. any offsetting point or element; contrast: »

Their white robes…were a counterpoint to the predominant black of diplomats (New York Times).

to stress by the use of counterpoint or contrasts.
[< Middle French contrepoint]
coun|ter|point2 «KOWN tuhr POYNT», noun.
Obsolete. a coverlet for a bed; a counterpane.
[< Old French contrepointe, earlier cuiltepointe a quilt stitched through < Latin culcita puncta]

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